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Dogipot DogValet Aluminum Pet Waste Station/Receptacle 1001-2

Dogipot DogValet Aluminum Pet Waste Station/Receptacle 1001-2

Price: $560.50  


Typically ships from warehouse within 24 hours of order.

Protect your RV park or campground from dog waste. We've all seen pet waste that should have been cleaned up but wasn't. Increase the chances of that dog waste getting picked up by providing pet litter bags, readily accessible to dog owners. This all-in-one unit also includes a trash receptacle so you don't see a pile of litter waste bags stacked by dog owners who didn't want to carry the dog waste. The Dogipot DogValet® is a very durable container for disposal of dog dirt in an odorless, clean fashion while helping to "Keep America Beautiful". This Dogipot® dog waste station is available in attractive forest green aluminum.

Don't be left holding the bag. Dogipot® makes it convenient to the dog owner by providing both the tool (Dogipot® Litter Pick Up Bags) and the waste receptacle for dog waste. Our Dogipot® pet waste station eliminates the excuses for not being a responsible dog owner.

Unlike time consuming cleaning of dog walk areas DOGIPOT® containers can be conveniently emptied at the same time as the scheduled trash collection.

400 Bag Capacity
.09 gauge aluminum
Powder-coated forest green
40.4" x 17" x 10"
Front Locking Access Lid
Aluminum mounting pillar(included)

Dogipot DogValet® Aluminum Pet Waste Receptacle includes aluminum bag dispenser, mounting post, 400 litter pick up bags, 50 heavy duty trash liner bags, mounting hardware and instructions.

Dogipot DogValet Aluminum Dog Waste Station Installation Instructions:

1. Select a good visible spot in your community or park where you want to install the DOGIPOT DOGVALET container.

2. Dig a 7" diameter hole, approx. 12" deep into the soft ground. Insert the aluminum mounting pillar up to marker line approx. 12" into the hole filled with a 40 lb. bag of "ready to use concrete mix". The mounting plate should be approximately 10 1/2" above the ground. Level the post in straight vertical position and let concrete dry for at least 12 hours.

3. After concrete is dry, the mounting pillar should be sturdy and safe for installation. Slide the DOGIPOT DOGVALET over the pillar, matching the holes in the mounting plate with the holes in the container body plate. Secure the DOGIPOT DOGVALET with the two (2) 5/16" bolts and lockwashers using a 1/2" wrench.

4. Insert one of the enclosed DOGIPOT Trash Liner Bags into the container body (fold over the upper edge of the container).

5. To replace the rolls of DOGIPOT Litter Pick Up Bags, pull out the empty box, remove the diamond shaped perforated tab from a new bag roll box and push box in place on the lid shelf. The lid dispenser opening should match the box opening and the lettering on the box should not be upside down. Be sure that the bags will be dispensed following the upper wall of the dispenser opening to ensure maximum tension when tearing off bags. The DOGIPOT printing on the litter pick up bags will be visible on top when hanging out of the dispenser slots. Close the lid and pull the first bag out by finding the raw edge of the first bag through the dispenser opening.


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