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Through The Door Locking Drop Box

Through The Door Locking Drop Box

Price: $232.00  
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The through-the-door locking drop box is designed to be mounted on an inside door with the drop area on the outside and the collection door on the inside of the door. It is a great way to lock and secure checks, keys, mail, car remotes, small envelopes and other items. Great as a mail collection box for office mail. Door clearance is 7.125 inches wide x 6.25 inches deep and is large enough to drop keys. Maximum thickness of items that can be dropped in box is approx 0.875 inches. A metal baffle protects the deposit door opening from fishing and a reinforced double steel door protects against prying. Payment drop box has holes in back for mounting on wood door and comes with wood installation hardware and two tubular keys. Door has piano hinge. Installation of this drop box requires cutting a rectangular cutout in your wood door. Box includes a removable and adjustable metal frame to hide the rough cuts in the wood door.

Exterior Dimensions are 10 inches wide x 15 inches high x 4.25 inches deep.
Drop Opening: 7.375 inches wide x 1.375 inches high with approx a 0.875 inch drop clearance.
Door Thickness: 0.125 inches
Cubic Inches: 313 cubic inches
Weight: 15 Lbs

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