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Smart Grid Data on Demand Radio Gate for Radio Meters

Smart Grid Data on Demand Radio Gate for Radio Meters

Price: $588.25  


The Smart Grid Data on Demand system is specifically designed for commercial, industrial and single phase applications. Data on demand provides real time pricing, demand control and management, co-generation coordination through control of customer-owned generators and provide alarms at specific demand thresholds.

The Smart Grid system works on 400 and 900 Mhz frequencies through a two-way radio that provides communications to and from the radio gate. The radio gate is connected to the network via a TCP server, TCP client or UDP client (universal data point). IP addresses are either static or dynamic. The radio gate can also be connected to a cellular modem via any of the radio gate’s communications ports. Data on demand is best utilized where a significant number of meters are within close range of each other such as rv parks, campgrounds, college campuses, business and industrial parks and hospital complexes. The meter is programmed to transmit data at one-minute intervals providing an almost instantaneous data stream. The head end system collects data and determines what to communicate to the customer via the same communications path. The data on demand communication platform utilizes robust 900 MHz radio communication between the meter and the radio gate to provide real-time data for use with demand side management systems.

Software to read data from Data on Demand metering system is included. Software allows for collection of data from radio gates using an IP address, ethernet connection or USB connection. All data is stored in SQL server data base. Smart Grid Data on Demand radio meters are sold separately. Please see below for radio meters.

Data on demand features include:
RF star network
Unlimited meters can be assigned to a single concentrator
Concentrator deployment based solely upon RF transmission/reception
RF range: 300-500 yards, line of sight. Units can be added as necessary to increase the range.
Data transmission options include; kWh, max. kw, instantaneous kw, voltage, current and phase angle for all three phases
Transmission schedule: 1 to 60 minutes, programmable
Networking: TCP server, TCP client, UDP client, Static or Dynamic IP addressable
Ongoing Enhancements:
Two-way communication
Omni-directional antenna
Advanced utility grade security
Data storage onboard collectors
Optional 400MHz RF band

Radio gates are only sold with radio meters. Only radio meters will work with the Smart Grid Data on Demand system.

Smart Grid Data on Demand Radio Gate and Radio Meter Diagram

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