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Water Riser Heated Hydrant, 10 ft bury depth, 0.75 inch Copper Pipe

Water Riser Heated Hydrant, 10 ft bury depth, 0.75 inch Copper Pipe

Price: $397.50  


The Any Temp® H-3000 series water riser heated hydrant gives year round water service with use of self-regulating heat cable or by draining itself below the frost line when shut off. The heated hydrant is a simple unit designed to provide frost proof water service. It completes the installation from buried water line to above ground water connection, or supply pipe with shut-off valve, needed for each mobile or manufactured home. Recommended maximum operating pressure 60 PSI. Comes with drain hole in valve body. 5 watts per foot self-regulating heating cable, Ethafoam insulation, simple sanitary straight line design.

Hydrant bury depth: 10 foot
Center Pipe: 0.75 Copper Center Pipe
Inlet Size: 0.75 inches
Cord Length: 6 feet

This product is custom order and lead time to ship is 4-6 weeks.

Water Riser Heated Hydrant Specs

A - Locks Open or Closed Simply turn clockwise to lock hydrant open or closed and set screw lock provided so hydrant can not be adjusted without a hex wrench. Discourages vandalism or accidental shut off of water.
B - Outlet of Hydrant 0.75 inch pipe thread molded into Zytel® Super Tough by DuPont, one of the world’s toughest thermoplastics.
C - Water Flow thru brass plunger and galvanized pipe or 0.75 inch rigid copper (depending on model ordered).
D - Brass Plunger has four ethylene propylene quad ring seals which never come out of adjustment, have longer life than O-Rings and withstand higher pressures.
E - Heavy Molded Delrin® Valve Body Delrin® has been used in valves for over 40 years and is molded to close tolerance. Helps prevent corrusion or rust.
F - Extra Heavy Steel Collar at ground level to protect hydrant from normal abuse when mowing grass or shoveling snow.
G - Swivel Parts permit withdrawal of all moving parts without digging up hydrant. A 3/16 inch hex key will allow disassembly of hydrant by simply removing the two cap screws and pull up riser pipe with plunger for inspection.
H - Energy Efficient Heating Cable A high technology self-regulating cable that provides only the amount of heat needed for the varying outdoor temperature and does not waste electricity like heat rods used by other companies. The heating cable has as long a life as any other on the market today.
I - Heating Cable Built Into Hydrant Can not be stolen like heat rod used by other companies and no electrical hazard since heating cable is not immersed in water flow thru hydrant.

J - Installed Water Riser Heated Hydrant

Water Riser Heated Hydrant Flow Rates

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