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Swimming Pool Stencil Kit

Swimming Pool Stencil Kit

Price: $83.25  
Suggested Retail Price: $110.00


The swimming pool stencil kit includes five 3 inch one piece legends that read SHALLOW, WATER, DANGER, NO DIVING and NO RUNNING. It includes two one piece 4 inch legends that read FEET and DEEP. Also included is a 4 inch number set and four 9 inch symbols; no diving symbol, no running symbol, handicap symbol and no smoking symbol. Our high quality stencils are constructed of poly-vinyl material and will lay flat, yet flex to conform to any surface, smooth or rough. Simply apply paint with brush, roller or spray equipment. Our flexible stencils will not develop a paint build up. When paint dries, it flakes right off. Designed for heavy use. With minimum care our stencils will last a lifetime. Unlike wood, aluminum or other stencils, our stencils will not break, bend, crease, warp or load up with paint. All stencils are cut to give crisp, accurate markings.

3 inch SHALLOW Stencil

3 inch WATER Stencil

3 inch DANGER Stencil

3 inch NO DIVING Stencil

3 inch NO RUNNING Stencil

4 inch FEET Stencil

4 inch DEEP Stencil

4 inch Number Stencil Kit

9 inch No Diving Symbol

9 inch No Running Symbol

9 inch Handicap Symbol

9 inch No Smoking Symbol

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