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Commercial Park Large Group Campfire Ring, Staple

Commercial Park Large Group Campfire Ring, Staple

Price: $575.25  


Our large group rectangular park fire ring is constructed of 0.25 inch thick steel (A569). Has permanent staple mounting anchors which allow fire ring to tilt back for easy cleaning, fire building and maintenance. (In other words, the fire ring is just secured on one side so the fire ring can be swung upward on the opposite side. Please see below).

Grate is constructed from 0.625 inch diameter A36 steel bars located on 1.125 inch centers and has a cooking area of 416 square inches. Grate design allows the bars to be secure, but loose, so the bars can expand when heated. The perimeter of the grate is constructed of 0.25 inch thick steel and is hinged to allow the grate to tilt back.

Grate handles are constructed of a 0.625 inch diameter A36 steel bar with stay cool spring grips.

Fire ring has a 1 inch gap between the ring and the grate to prevent pinching hazards.

All joints continuously welded. All exposed corners are chamfered for safety. Finish is a non-toxic black powder-coat.

Dimensions: 34 inches W x 40 inches L x 6 inches H.

Current lead time to ship is 4-5 weeks.

Staple anchor fire rings tilt back for easy maintenance.

Above: Picture of staple anchors. Below: Fire ring with staple anchors mounted in concrete.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. to keep Americans working.

Seasoning your fire ring:

You should season the fire ring and grate before preparing any food on the surface directly. Seasoning the grate can be done by burning the non-toxic paint off the grate bars as you use the fire ring. While the grate is heating, you can use a grill brush to clean the grate and scrape away any paint that loosens during the process. The grate will take time to season completely. Until then, you can use pans or aluminum foil to prepare your food.

Much like a cast-iron pan, building seasoning on the grate and fire ring takes time and patience. As you use the grate, food particles will stick to the bars and build a protective coating for your guests to prepare food on. Before each use, it is important to use a brush to clean off any rust or loose particles from the grate after heating it. The grate can be lowered closer to the heat and then raised to be brushed before placing food on the grate.

Cleaning Instructions:

At the start of each camping season, clean the grate with a wire brush to scrub any food remnants off the cooking grate. The cooking grate may also be cleaned with a mild dish soap, hot water and a sponge. Clean the outside and inside of the fire ring.

At the end of each camping season, remove ashes and place in a hot coal bin. We do not recommend cleaning the fire ring. Leaving the grease will help prevent rusting until the camping season begins again.

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