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Xlerator Automatic Hand Dryer, Chrome, XL-C

Xlerator Automatic Hand Dryer, Chrome, XL-C

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Xlerator Automatic Sensor Activated Hand Dryer dries hands fast and completely in 10 - 15 seconds! That's 3 times faster than conventional hand dryers. Excel hand dryers use 80% less energy saving your facility money! These hand dryers are designed to run on 15-amp service (making it great for older buildings)! The Xlerator is GreenSpec approved and qualifies for LEED credits! Save the environment and your wallet at the same time. Imagine the savings and advantages;

  • No longer paying for paper towels, freight and tax.
  • No longer having to store paper towels.
  • Save on labor for restocking paper towels and emptying trash receptacles!
  • Save on trash bag liners.
  • Save on wasted paper towels - sometimes from vandalism and sometimes from overuse or dispenser issues.
  • Save on trash bill.
  • Keep restrooms cleaner - not as messy as paper towels that sometimes don't make it into the trash receptacle.
  • 5 year warranty
  • Comes with free quieter nozzle!

  • Xlerator Product Specification Sheet

    Please note that these units are meant to be hand dryers and not hair dryers. We also carry hair dryer units. Appropriate mounting heights for these units are listed on the specification sheet above.

    Units are available as specified in: (Please choose specifications above)

      Xlerator 110/120V 12.5 Amp 60 hz 1500 Watts
      Xlerator 208 V 7 Amp 60 hz 1500 Watts
      Xlerator 220/240V 6.5 Amp 50 or 60 hz 1500 Watts
      Xlerator 277V 5.5 Amp 60 hz 1500 Watts
    The 277v is not returnable. Please double check with your electrician that the 277v is the correct voltage you need.

    11.75 inches Long x 12 11/16 inches High x 6 11/16 inches Deep
    (298 mm Long x 322 mm High x 170 mm Deep)

    Color: Chrome Plated Cover

    Mounting: Surface Mounting (Recess Kit Available)

    Manufacturer: Excel
    Watch how they're made.
    Xlerator Limited Warranty:
    The dryer shall be guaranteed to be free from defects for a period of five (5) years. Warranty shall include labor performed at factory as well as the repair or exchange of defective parts, at manufacturer's option.

    Xlerator Quantity Recommendations:
    One dryer for every two washbasins is sufficient for most applications. If restroom traffic is unusually heavy, we suggest one dryer per washbasin in small installations and two dryers for every three washbasins in larger installations. When a 54" washfountain is used, we suggest four to five dryers.

    Free quieter nozzle included.

    Made in the U.S.A. to keep Americans working.

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