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Dogipot Jr Dispenser for Header Pak Hanging Waste Bags 1002HP-4

Dogipot Jr Dispenser for Header Pak Hanging Waste Bags 1002HP-4

Price: $137.75  

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Typically ships from warehouse within 24 hours of order.

Our new Header Pak Dogipot Jr Aluminum Dispenser 1002HP-4 holds cards of 100 hanging bags instead of rolled bags. Has one large opening in front so bags can be torn from header card easily. Our header pack Dogipot dispensers are designed to cater to our customers who favor dispensers that hold hanging bags rather than rolled bags. Bag dispenser is powder-coated forest green, contains recycled aluminum, has a locking front cover and holds 400 hanging bags so maintenance staff does not have to fill each unit as often.

  • 4 cards of header pak bags are included with bag disenser station (100 bags per card)
  • Header Pak Bag Dispenser has 400 bag capacity
  • Locking Access Panel
  • Clear Instructions Posted
  • Easy and versatile installation

  • Designed to mount on 2" x 2" poly or steel square or channel post (mounting hardware included).

    Dogipot Jr can be fence, wall, wood post and channel post mounted also (fence, wall and wood post mounting hardware not included).

    Header Pak Aluminum Dogipot Jr Installation Instructions:

    1. Remove the two keys from the back of the Dispenser. Insert key into the universal cam lock on the bottom compartment and turn one quarter to the right or left. Pull the bottom compartment down to release it from the body of the Dispenser.

    2. Select a good visible spot in your community or park where you want to install the DOGIPOT Jr. Bag Dispenser, such as on a post, building wall, tree, fence post, street sign post, etc.

    3. The Dispenser has two pre-drilled holes through the back wall. These two holes and the mounting hardware included match with the holes of every standard channel or square telescopic mounting post.

    4. The recommended installation height of the DOGIPOT Jr. Bag Dispenser is 66" (5 feet 6 inches).

    5. Add header bags, reinstall the bottom compartment and lock the panel with the cam lock key.


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