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Restroom Supplies

Paper Towels
Stall Trash Disposal
Toilet Seat Covers
Toilet Paper
Soap/Hand Sanitizers

Are you paying too much for your toilet paper and paper towels?

The dispenser you choose can cost you a lot of money in future purchases. See our standard-sized toilet paper and dispenser under the toilet paper category for some real savings. You can get a dispenser and toilet paper for about the same price as your name brand toilet paper you normally buy for your current dispenser. The savings really begin once you buy our dispenser and only need the refills. Just compare on a number of sheets per case basis! See our 1-ply toilet paper or 2-ply toilet paper refill prices.

Does your paper towel dispenser take any other brand of towels than the manufacturers? If not, you are probably paying a premium price to have that dispenser. We offer paper towel dispensers and generic paper towels to save you money. However, we can get name brand supplies if that is what you want.

You'll be amazed at how much you can save by changing out your dispensers!

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