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9 foot Recycled Plastic Speed Bump

9 foot Recycled Plastic Speed Bump

Price: $189.95  


Having problems with vehicles moving too fast through your park? Slow them down with our street speedbump. Speed bumps have long been known to be a traffic calming device. Protect pedestrians, bicyclists and other park patrons by enforcing the speed limit in your park. Our plastic speed bump is 100% recycled plastic, solid plastic, easy to install, maintenance free-no painting required, and is both chemical and weather resistant. This product is not returnable unless damaged or defective.

Dimensions: 10 inch W x 9 ft L x 2 inch T

Hardware can be bought below or at a local hardware store. For asphalt applications, use five 0.5 x 12" with 1.125 head steel spikes. For concrete application, use five 0.5 x 5.5" lag screws with expanding lag shields and ten 0.5" flat washers.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. to keep Americans working.

Solid Plastic Speed Bump Installation Instructions:

1. Position the speed bump in its installation position and using its pre-drilled holes as templates, mark the location of each hole on the roadways surface.
2. Remove the speed bump. Using a high-speed hammer drill with a 3/4" masonry bit, drill a hole at each marked location to a depth of 3-1/2" below the parking surface.
3. Place the speed bump, bottom up, on a firm surface. Apply a strip of the butyl tape on each side of the holes.
4. Smooth and adhere the tape to the bottom of the speed bump by hand or with a roller. Remove the protective paper.
5. Insert a lag anchor into each hole (large anchor opening on top). Tap the anchor into the holes with a hammer so that the anchors are set flush with the surface. Place a washer over each anchor hole.
6. Make sure the substrate is thoroughly clean and dry. Reposition the speed bump in its installation position. Apply firm hand pressure. Slip a washer onto a lag bolt, insert the bolt through a pre-drilled hole in the speed bump and tighten the bolt about three-quarters of the way with the 3/4" socket. Repeat for each hole in the speed bump. Finish tightening each bolt until just snug. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN! Excessive tightening may damage the bump and void the product warranty.

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