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Gator Sewer Hose Restrictor for RV Site Sewer Cap

Gator Sewer Hose Restrictor for RV Site Sewer Cap

Price: $4.50  


Worried about a sewer hose falling into your sewer pipe? If that happens, it can be a major hassle to get back out. Save yourself the time and money of digging a sewer hose out of your sewer line. The restrictor easily inserts into the bottom of our sewer cap with female attachment part number RVSITESEWERCAPFOOTPEDALF. See installation instructions below. The restrictor can also be used with our sewer cap with male threads part number RVSITESEWERCAPFOOTPEDAL but must be installed under a 4 inch Schedule 40 coupling. Only sold with our sewer caps.

The ingenious design holds a standard RV sewer hose in place so the hose doesn't slip back out onto the ground and cause nasty spills. This eliminates the need for a rubber donut. Our special design allows a sewer hose to be pulled back out from the restricter once inserted. The restricter virtually prevents a standard sewer hose from falling into your sewer line unless it is literally pushed into the line. Only sold with our plastic RV site sewer caps.

Installation: When installing the sewer cap restrictor, look for the words THIS SIDE UP and press that side firmly into the bottom of the coupling or sewer cap with female attachment.

Color: Black

Manufactured in the U.S.A. to keep Americans working.

To install the RV site sewer cap restrictor, simply put This Side Up on restrictor into bottom of sewer cap and press up.

RV site sewer cap with restrictor in place. Put RV sewer cap on pipe and restrictor is held in place.

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