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Counterfeit Detector Pen

Counterfeit Detector Pen

Price: $4.95  

Minimum Quantity: 
(30 or more must be purchased.)

Our Counterfeit Detector Pen uses an iodine solution that can be used to help identify computer-generated counterfeit bills by reacting to starch in wood-based copy paper used by most printers. Detection pens are easy to use and require no training. A clerk at a cash register simply uses their counterfeit detector pen to put a small mark on the bill. If the bill is counterfeit and the paper is wood-based, the iodine in the pen solution will react with the starch and leave a dark brown or black mark. If the bill is authentic and the paper is fiber-based, the pen will not leave a mark. Pen will not detect all counterfeit bills and should be used with other counterfeit detection methods. U.S. patent no. 5063163.

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