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6 ft Rubber Parking Bumper

6 ft Rubber Parking Bumper

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Our 6 ft Rubber Wheelstop has stripes (available in yellow or white) and help drivers stop their cars before hitting your curb, parking garage wall or other areas you want to protect. Concrete wheel stops crack and chip over time looking unsightly. Our rubber wheel stops will not warp, chip or crack. Tough recycled tire rubber is resistant to weather, salt, moisture, UV, oil and temperature. Visible reflective stripes are made of road marking tape. Easy, one person installation (instructions included). Installation hardware is available but sold separately. Please see below.

4 stripes on each side.

4 hardware mounting holes.

Dimensions: 6 inches W x 4.25 inches H x 6 feet L

Weight: 40 lbs.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. to keep Americans working.

Rubber Wheel Stop Installation Instructions:

Mounting Rubber Wheel Stops on Asphalt:
1. Drill 1/2" diameter pilot holes through asphalt or to depth of 3".
2. Clean installation area.
3. Put wheelstop in place. Put washers in place.
4. Start asphalt rebar spikes before completely setting any individual rebar spike.

Mounting Rubber Wheel Stops on Concrete:
1. Drill 3/4" holes, 2" deep and insert lag shield (threaded end goes in first). For maximum expansion, the shield should protrude slightly above concrete surface before setting.
2. Clean installation area.
3. Put product in place. Put washers in place.
4. Insert lag screw starting all lags before tightening any. Tighten with wrench until firm resistance is felt.

Mounting Rubber Wheel Stops with Adhesive:
1. Use 10 ounces of construction grade adhesive such as PL Premium Polyurethane or a 2-tube epoxy such as Simpson ET-22. These products can be bought from your local hardware store.
2. Put wheelstop in place. Mark perimeter and drill holes.
3. Brush holes and blow out debris. Clean and dry installation area to adhesive directions.
4. Mix enough epoxy for one installation (if using a 2-tube epoxy) or use a 10 oz. tube of PL Premium.
5. Fill the holes to 2" from top with adhesive.
6. Apply adhesive to bottom of wheel stop. Set in place.
7. Install washers and hardware (see instructions above).
8. Allow setting and curing time according to adhesive directions. Please note if you remove wheelstop installed with adhesive, you are likely to tear the wheel stop or the surface.

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